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Books will be reached to Schools in 15 Days

Primary school students with vision inabilities will get Braille textbooks on the 1st day of school in the coming year. Offspring of 5 indigenous groups will also get pre-school textbooks in their local languages.
Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid informed the media about the activities on December 04, 2016 (Sunday) amid a visit of 2 printing presses for free textbooks. "We have printed and will circulate Braille books", he said.
"We cannot say for sure that all visually unable students will get them. We do not have accurate statistics on the visually disabled. But we are conducting a survey to address the issue", he added.
The minister said textbooks for indigenous pre-school students will be printed in five languages- Marma, Chakma, Tripura, Garo and Sadri. "Not all indigenous groups have their own language, script or literature, but we want children to learn in their native language as much as possible", he said.
"Many of the students who first come to school are very young and they don't understand much Bangla. We will ensure that the textbooks reach them on time. We will also try to ensure their teachers are qualified to teach them," said the education minister.
Officials at the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) say this year 9,703 vision disabled students will receive Braille books and 24,000 indigenous group children will receive textbooks in their native language.
In previous years, the social welfare ministry had distributed a small number of Braille books for the vision disabled. The education minister said the textbooks would be given out alongside the standard textbooks to students at the Textbook Festival on January 01, 2017.
An estimated 362 million textbooks and educational materials will be distributed for the following school year. The government had distributed about 334 million textbooks for the 2016 school year. About 80 percent of the books have already arrived at schools, the minister said. The rest will arrive within 15 days, he said.